The women of my country. 

My country is stained with the colors of its Women. What has been representing Syria all these years, is its amazingly hardworking women. The women of my country are mothers, aunts, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends, neighbors. They are the reassurance we need when life feels unsafe, the strength they hold is stronger than any other and the love they have is unmeasurable. They are the Home we come to when our heart feels heavy but also when it feels light and happy. They are the soft part in our lives, the part that makes life easier because we know that through all they could go, they will always feel and keep their humanity. They teach us to be who we are and raise us to be strong and caring, to keep walking through the good and the bad while walking by our side, hand in hand, promising it’ll be worth it, it’ll be alright.The women of my country are going through war, watching their children lose their innocence, their loved ones taken away and their country falling apart. Their hearts are crumbling into little pieces, in the hope of someday mending back. And, through all of this, they stay strong and still find the ability to reassure us, love us and cherish us. They wipe the tears rolling down our cheeks while their eyes are full of them. The women of my country put others before themselves and they are what keeps me hoping and fulfilled with love and life. They are the past, the present and the future of the country. They are love. They are hope. They are the Syrian Women. Happy Women’s Day to the women that have built me into the person I am today. Even though, one day isn’t enough and they should be celebrated everyday. If I have to be proud of something, it is of them. For making Syria, what it has been, and making us, the Syrian people, who we are, one people. 

Dima K



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