Crosby, “The place to be”.

We tend to forget that some places as small as they can be are sometimes the ones that hold most of our memories.
And since today, it’s apparently « International burger’s day » I want to talk about how Crosby, a little Fast food in
Aleppo was one of those places for me.
When I was in Syria, I lived really close to it, and, since I’m extremely picky with food, Crosby was my place to go to
every time I didn’t like what was for lunch or dinner (I know but I promise it’s healthy sandwiches there haha!)
Crosby though, isn’t only food for me, for us who always went there actually.
The owner was always very welcoming, and probably got used to our faces more than we would think he did haha
and, this place was literally « The place to be ».
There would hardly pass a week where we wouldn’t meet and eat there. I think I have never shared more laughter and
dinners with different people in any place as much as I have there.
I have literally been to this place with all the people who played a part in my life. And, it always felt like the best of times, the most genuine of laughter and the hardest goodbyes and I’m sure I’m not the only one who relates to this and I hope that the day I can step a foot in Syria again, I can have dinner at Crosby.
Some places might be small in surface but occupy the most of your heart. And, it’s only when you leave that you realize
how much they mean.

P.S.: “In God we trust. All others pay cash” 😉



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