Ramadan Karim

Through the call of the muezzin for the Maghreb prayer, along with the cannon-shot, the Syrian muslims used to break their fast with joy, surrounded by their loved ones.
Ramadan brought a certain peace of mind along with the hope for a closer relationship with God.
It was always very expected, because with it came back many traditions.
Each and everyone had their little habits, from choosing the right maarouk for the night’s Iftar and buying tamer hindi to following a Syrian soap opera after.
We all found a certain delight in all of that because everything felt like beautiful moments shared with family and friends. Doubtlessly, while Ramadan is a muslim practice, it didn’t mean the Syrian Christians didn’t in a way participate and that’s what always made it easier. Because, everyone around you respected you. Indeed, if you were spending time with your Christian friends, they even waited to eat with you and we would as well have Iftar together as we did celebrate Christmas together.
And while this holy month has brought nothing but good memories back in time, it is strikingly hard to realize that it’s been the fourth Ramadan that the Syrians in Syria can barely hear the muezzin chanting and aren’t even able to dissociate the cannon-shot from every other shooting.
Ramadan as it should be holy and peaceful, has been feared by the Syrians because of the new habits of more brutalities resulting.
The water in Aleppo has been cut since yesterday and the hope for it to be the « worst » thing happening during this divine month is the most heartbreaking part.
Ramadan doesn’t mean big gatherings anymore because if you leave your house too late at night, you might not be able to come back.
The table might not be filled with food anymore along with some of the seats around it, while the hearts of mothers, fathers, lovers, sisters, brothers and friends are filled with sorrow.
Ramadan, being a holy month, preaches for compassion and love but also for hope and thoughtfulness. So, let us not forget that while we might be blessed enough to have food on our tables and loved ones around us for iftar during Ramadan, some won’t.

Let us not only pray for us and our loved ones but also for the ones who our in the biggest need of our prayers.
Let us be love not only during Ramadan but during every other month of the year.
Let us be there for our brothers and sisters from every religion.
Let us be grateful for our blessings.
Let us be peace.



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