“Eid”, what a beautiful word tinkling in my ear.

« Eid », what a beautiful word tinkling in my ear, recollecting the memory of joyous gatherings and family celebrating, distributing love around, spreading heartwarming vibes of positivity.
Wearing our best outfit, embracing our shyness, we used to dance under the stare of our elders, smiling at the fact that we were growing up. The end of the day would be spent on the balcony sipping tea with the rest of the family, watching the little kids passing by the streets of the city, with their brand new outfits, buying some treats with their cousins and siblings with the money they had been gifted for Eid. The smiles they had on their faces would get ours to sparkle. They represented the future of the country and the happiness of their parents watching them bloom, enjoying the little things.
Nowadays, it is needless to say that everything has become different. And, while the phone kept on ringing this morning, mostly to exchange Eid greetings, the tone didn’t sound as merry and the tiredness and fear of what’s coming has taken place over the old warm feelings.
All things have drifted, and Eid doesn’t feel like one anymore.
Indeed, we wake up forgetting about it. And, when we are reminded it’s Eid, it just feels like any other day of the year. Our faces don’t shine anymore at the thought of gatherings and celebrations. The biggest celebration in Syria for the past 4 years has become the return of water and electricity and the insurance that our loved ones are safe and healthy.
All our thoughts are captured by the war and the hope and prayers that brighter days are coming, that peace will prevail and that we’ll feel Eid and watch the children of Syria bloom again.


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