About me

Dima K


In love with a country slowly forgotten, going through war and disaster, Syria is my main concern and through the words flowing from my heart, I am trying to make you feel it. I am really sad that only when it went in ruins, people have started realizing its worth. But, unfortunately, we always take the things and people that bring the most to our lives, for granted. Today, it is very important to remember that Syria isn’t only a political conflict. It is people, men, women and children that are going through the worst of times. Keep them always, in your mind and heart. I am here, to remind people of what Syria was, talk about what it is today, and keep up the hope for what it will be.

You can reach me at : womanoftheorient@gmail.com

You can also follow me on instagram for more Syria related posts at : @womanoftheorient


4 thoughts on “About me

    1. Hey Sarah ! 🙂
      First of all, thank you for visiting 🙂
      Your question is very interesting. Honestly, I have thought about it so many times and ironically it’s when I feel the saddest that I want to go because this place makes me so happy, it heals all of my wounds. However, when someone I love, tells me they want to go, I get worried because I’m worried of what could happen to them. I think it’s really difficult to actually be sure. But I definitely have thought about it 🙂


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